NAMI Wisconsin Receives Grant to Become Statewide CIT/CIP Program Director

Madison, WI – NAMI Wisconsin is excited to announce that we have been awarded the statewide Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)/Crisis Intervention Partner (CIP) expansion grant! This is very exciting for NAMI Wisconsin and funding starts as of November 1, 2014. This grant award means that NAMI Wisconsin will take the lead on expanding the 40-hour Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training for law enforcement and the 16-hour Crisis Intervention Partners (CIP) training for correctional officers within the WI Department of Corrections as well as various organizations throughout the state of Wisconsin. 

This is a truly invigorating initiative as NAMI Wisconsin will work in partnership with our existing training teams to expand trainings by establishing statewide and local steering committees, disseminating information and resources, and hosting train-the-trainer events. If your community is interested in starting a CIT/CIP community initiative please start by contacting your local NAMI affiliate for more information ( 

For more information about CIT/CIP training programs please contact Stacey Mohr, CIT/CIP Program Director of NAMI Wisconsin
Email:    Ph:  608-268-6000


Madison Police Chief Announces Mental Health Liaisons Officers 

Madison, WI 2015 – Madison's police chief, Mike Koval, introduced a new initiative aimed at helping people with mental health issues. The Madison Police Department has created a new team of 'mental health officers' to respond to incidents involving people with mental illness. Five mental health liaison officers have been appointed and will not only respond to calls for crisis intervention, but will also work closely with mental health service agencies to try to prevent a crisis before it happens. The officers will solely focus on the issues-working with service providers, those with mental illness, and their families to make sure they are getting the help and care they need. “I want these officers to be able to get in front of these compelling cases before they become runaway tragedies,” Koval said.

Please visit for more information on Madison's Mental Health Liaison Officers. 


Sergeant John Rhodes Honored  

NAMI Wisconsin CIT CIP

Kenosha, WI – Sgt John Rohde, from the Kenosha Police Department plays a significant role in bringing and fostering Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training to Kenosha.
Upon completing CIT in 2009, Sgt Rohde has championed CIT within the Kenosha Police Dept. and Kenosha county.  John is a charter member of the CIT/CIP coordinating committee and has been instrumental in evaluation and program improvement. 

John serves on the board of directors for the Kenosha Human Development Services and NAMI Kenosha County and is an active member of numerous committees within the community.  He shares stories that are key examples of what CIT means to the community and how effective it is. "Doing the Right Thing" has become an action statement for local CIT officers. With over 30 years on the force and as the current Training Officer, Sgt Rohde is extremely well respected within the community and the police force.

John has made himself available to attend three International CIT Conferences which enable him to network with other CIT officers and bring back recommendations to continue improve the final Kenosha CIT product and spread the word throughout the Kenosha Police Dept.

John is also responsible for assigning certain CIT officers to cover specific group homes and apartments so that both the officers and the management & residents know each other.  He has also introduced a "shepherding" program of sorts for CIT officers to keep an eye on some of our homeless folks to keep them safe.  Both of these actions are extremely effective use of CIT assets and they work

For his leadership and commitment to improving the lives of others in the community, we recognize Sgt. John Rohde.