A Word from the DOC: Dr. Jeffery Garbelman, CIP Program Coordinator

"The Wisconsin Department of Corrections Crisis Intervention Program continues to provide monthly, on-site training within the adult correctional prison system. We recently trained another 40 staff in Oshkosh Correctional Institution in March  and are scheduled for the Stanley Correctional Institution in May of 2016.

These trainings focus on security and non-security staff in their efforts to de-escalate inmates in a mental health crisis as well as how to take care of themselves. The department has been taking steps to allow for a local CIP coordinator at each prison to be identified. These persons would receive the week-long CIT training and assist in the annual trainings which occur as well as utilize training days to re-enforce CIP principles. 

To date, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections CIP program has trained over 1,000 prison staff. The program is funded through the Department of Adult Institutions and therefore limited in scope to where it can be implemented. However, administrators have made exceptions in some cases so if there is interest. I am glad to assist persons in seeking this authorization or talking about how this program is orientated in a unique manner to the prison population. Also, we are always looking for volunteers either to speak of their lived experiences, their experiences as a CIT Law Enforcement Officer, or their experiences as a local mental health professional/advocate.

This program is an excellent example of collaboration in an effort to address the unfortunate intersection of our criminal justice system and those with serious mental illness. It continues to be a pleasure and encouraging meeting all the correctional offices and non-uniformed staff working to keep our prisons safe and to work toward reintegration of the incarcerated back into their community."

-Dr. Jeffrey Garbelman
Wisconsin Department of Corrections CIP Program Coordinator



Looking Forward: Who's Joining the CIT&CIP Wisconsin Community

LAST WEEK: The Dane County Sheriff's Office and NAMI Dane County participated in a Corrections based CIT hosted by The National Institute of Corrections. NIC also provided them with an administrative trainer course, teaching their team how to plan, host, and facilitate a Corrections based CIT. They are very excited for this opportunity and anticipate hosting another training within the next year.  They will be the first WI CIT&CIP training team to host a Corrections based CIT in the state.

THIS MONTH: Vilas, Onieda, and Forest county, making up the NAMI Northern Lakes Region, will be hosting their first CIT training! Their upcoming CIT marks as the first to reach the northern most parts of Wisconsin.  This is an amazing and much needed opportunity for their local law enforcement and community. A huge thank you to the community partners for making this training possible; NAMI Northern Lakes, Tomahawk Police Department, Nicollette College, and Ministry Healthcare. 

COMING THIS SUMMER: The Southwestern region of the state will be jumping on board with the CIT&CIP expansion. Southwest Technical College, Unified Services, NAMI Southwestern WI, and the Lancaster Police Department have joined forces to begin the planning of bringing both CIT and CIP trainings to their area. Currently, they are working on growing their community partnerships, vetting speakers/presenters, and outlining their training. 

COMING THIS SUMMER/FALL: Two centrally located counties, Portage and Wood, have collaborated efforts with the goal of hosting a CIP training with the likelihood of a CIT to follow. They are currently holding regular coordinating committee meetings, reviewing CIT and CIP presentation topics, and attending other trainings around the state in preparation for their own. Keep up the great work!

For information and resources on adapting the CIT&CIP philosophy to your community please visit www.citwisconsin.org/bringing-citcip-to-your-community/

Thank you for your passion and dedication to Crisis Intervention! 

What's New? A Glance at What's Happening Across the State

Chippewa County 

Chippewa County joined  the CIT&CIP Wisconsin initiative and expansion, having their first CIT training this past March. Chippewa County Human Services, Chippewa Falls Police Department, and NAMI Chippewa Valley collaborated with the Minnesota CIT Officer’s Association and NAMI Wisconsin to fund, host, and facilitate their training. 23 officers in the county attended the training reaching 8 different departments. They hope to grow and develop a strong training team and continue to host within the county moving forward.

Dane County 

After holding their first CIP training in December, the University of Wisconsin Police Department and NAMI Dane County hosted a CIT training in February with 37 officers from 13 departments in attendance. Capt. Michael Newton of the UW-Police Department and CIT&CIP Wisconsin Facilitator quoted, "Really the goal of this week is to teach officers to slow down and understand that in [crisis] situations we tend to escalate when we speed things up. But if we slow it down, the resolution is much better."

Click here to see their media coverage: http://www.nbc15.com/home/headlines/Improving-police-response-to-mental-illness-369481632.html

Role Play Day: Crisis De-escalation Scenarios

Role Play Day: Crisis De-escalation Scenarios


Crisis Intervention Partner Training (CIP) has made its way to central Wisconsin. Marathon County is currently hosting 6 CIP trainings from March through May 2016, with hopes of reaching 300 or more LEO, EMS and other community partners.  After the scheduled sequence of CIP trainings, their team who includes Northcentral Technical College, Marathon County Sheriff’s Department, Wausau Police Department, NAMI Northwoods, and North Central Health Care, in collaboration with John Wallschlaeger, owner/consultant of Gold Stripe Consulting LLC., hope to provide ongoing CIT and CIP trainings for their region. 

Northeastern Wisconsin 

Winnebago county was recently awarded a federal ED enhancement grant, providing funding to the surrounding Northeastern Wisconsin region. They have scheduled 5 CIT trainings and anticipate reaching  200 officers across 20 departments. Winnebago county in collaboration with other community/county partnerships has contracted with Patti- Hecht- Kressly, President of Pro Crisis LLC., to plan, facilitate, and host their CIT trainings.

Pro Crisis LLC. is a Midwest accredited CIT training organization who’s  training model is recognized by the National Institute of Corrections. They have been training officers in CIT for 10 years as well as hosting trainings in correctional facilities.  CIT training for the NE Wisconsin region are scheduled from March- August. Please see the training calendar page for information on dates and locations. 

Community & Officer Spotlight: Ozaukee and Dane County

Ozaukee County: NAMI Ozaukee has had a very successful year making huge strides in the world of CIT. Since launching themselves as a CIT location/hub in April of 2015, Mary and Tom Luzinski of NAMI Ozaukee have remained dedicated to the CIT philosophy and their community. NAMI Ozaukee, in the conjunction with various Ozaukee County police departments and Ozaukee County Social Services, were able to host 3 CIT trainings this year, reaching 90 officers, spanning over 41 different police departments in Wisconsin.

They have 3 more CIT trainings scheduled for 2016, taking a massive role in the state’s CIT/CIP expansion. Keep up the amazing work Mary and Tom! We are so happy to have you part of the WI CIT Facilitator’s team.

Dane County:  Law enforcement, NAMI affiliates & members, as well as mental health care providers have made huge headway with the expansion of CIT/CIP within Dane County.

NAMI Dane County’s Program Coordinator, Ava Martinez, has partnered up with Michael Newton, Captain of the UW Police Department. Since then, they have hosted 2 CIP trainings, one for the Attic Correctional Service’s staff and another for the UW Police Department, in conjunction with other UW and local professions. There next step is to host a CIT training in February of 2016.

Capt. Newton and Ava took on a different approach to CIT by hosting a 2 day CIP training for the UW Police Department. The CIP acted as an introductory course for officers interested in becoming CIT trained. By doing so, they were then able to find those specific officers that the training impacted who seek further education on mental health and crisis, making them the ideal participant for a CIT training and mental health champion. This approach was extremely successful and is a great model to follow, ensuring that the participants are volunteer and the training is aligning with the Memphis Model and best practices. 

The Madison Police Department’s mental health liaisons and WI CIT Facilitator’s Capt. Kristen Roman, Sgt. Jen Kane, and Eugene Woehrle, in conjunction with NAMI Dane’s Sue Petkovsek, have made a lasting impression on the officers they have trained this year. Concluding their second CIT training for the year in December 2015, MPD’s mental health liaison team has excelled in the execution and participation of the de-escalation and role play scenario day. Using various rooms within the MPD training center, real life scenarios, a multitude of sets and props, as well as a mental health liaison officer and CIT officer at every station, their role play scenario day continues to be a huge success and a vital educational tool. Their previous CIT trained officers from 22 different departments, reaching areas of southeastern and central Wisconsin. They are committed and devoted to furthering CIT/CIP trainings in the state and they make a phenomenal team.  

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office has also recently partnered up with NAMI Dane County and the National Institute of Corrections. They plan to host a CIT training in March, 2016.

We look forward in seeing what the new year of 2016 will bring to Wisconsin for CIT and CIP!

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CIT/CIP Wisconsin Highlights: Looking Back on 2015- a Year of Expansion

Currently, there are 10 CIT facilitation team locations in Wisconsin. These are teams who annually host CIT and CIP trainings and are made up of NAMI affiliates, CIT trained officers, and mental health professionals. Our amazing Wisconsin CIT/CIP facilitation team locations include (by county or region): Brown, Dane, Fox Valley, Eau Claire, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Monore, Ozaukee, Racine, and Waukesha. To be included in this list is Jeff Garbleman, who is the CIP Coordinator from the Department of Corrections, who travels to various correctional facilities in the state, hosting CIP trainings for corrections staff.


Since January 2015, these facilitation teams have hosted 23 CIT trainings and 14 CIP trainings, reaching more than 900 officers, first-responders, correctional staff, and other professions. Currently, NAMI Wisconsin is working with NAMI Northern Lakes to establish themselves as a CIT facilitation team and location. There is also invested interest from Chippewa Co, Portage and Wood Co, Marathon Co, and Rock and Walworth Co. Keep up the great work everyone!

*If you have attended a CIT/CIP training, we would love to hear from you! Please go to www.citwisocnins.org under the testimonial tab to convey your thoughts and experience. Your input is important to us and we greatly appreciate the feedback.

The NAMI Wisconsin CIT/IP Expansion Grant

The NAMI Wisconsin CIT/CIP expansion grant has helped aid training costs for the CIT/CIP Facilitation teams, provide funds to establish new CIT/CIP training locations, create a website serving as the Wisconsin CIT/CIP platform, and implement state wide resources and data collection.

The collection and tracking of data for CIT/CIP in Wisconsin is crucial to the ongoing expansion. It collectively helps the CIT/CIP initiative by informing our state and officials that their investment is working and will increase their investment in future years once the grant term is over. We need measurable, quantitative data to show that CIT/CIP trainings are increasing knowledge within law enforcement, corrections, and our community services and agencies. 

*Questions on the NAMI Wisconsin CIT/CIP expansion grant?
Please review our Frequently Asked Questions handout. 

What data is being collected and where does it go?

Attendee rosters: This information is to track geographically, what counties and departments have CIT trained officers and CIP trained correctional staff & agency employees. The officer and employee’s names are NOT given out or shared. Their email address is used for the quarterly CIT/CIP Wisconsin Newsletter and in an effort to bring the CIT/CIP community together within the state. It will also be used for 6 & 12 month follow up to all CIT/CIP participants, gauging their experience and how beneficial and valuable the training was.

Speaker/presenter rosters: After a CIT/CIP training, the speakers and presenters are contacted, asking if they are willing to participate in further trainings. If so, speakers from various agencies are entered into a database to be contacted to present at future trainings. This list is organized regionally and helps with the planning of a CIT/CIP training. This database is only available through request of the NAMI Wisconsin CIT/CIP Program Director and to the CIT/CIP facilitation teams.

Pre/Post evaluations: With the collaboration of Tom Luzinski (NAMI Ozaukee, retired law enforcement, and Professor of Criminology), John Wallschlaeger (Gold Stripe Consulting LLC) and the CIT/CIP Facilitation teams, a pre/post evaluation was created. This evaluation measures individual knowledge gain from pre to post and then is used to evaluate the training collectively. Typically as a whole, we look for a 20% knowledge increase per training, from pre/post.  These evaluations are only given to CIT training attendees.

We are working towards bigger, long term goals with these evaluations; measuring police interaction statistics within the region, county, and communities who have CIT trained officers. This data is tracked internally, then reported to DHS and the state legislators who invested in the CIT/CIP expansion grant.  The information collectively benefits the expansion of Wisconsin’s CIT/CIP trainings. 

*If you are interested in learning more about bringing CIT/CIP to your county, please contact Stacey Mohr, CIT/CIP Program Director of NAMI Wisconsin.
Ph: (608)-268-6000  Em:stacey@namiwisconsin.org. 

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CIT/CIP Wisconsin's First Newsletter Announcement

Hello to all the CIT/CIP community members and partners of Wisconsin! Being a part of the CIT/CIP community is a unique and admirable partnership. Those within law enforcement, various mental health professions, corrections, NAMI, and a multitude of other professions and organizations, have made the choice to dedicate their lives and career to the service of others within their community, county, and state. You are leaders within your department, organization, and community.

 Being a Crisis Intervention Team member and/or Crisis Intervention Partner is taking the step to go beyond your call of duty and profession, doing what is right for those experiencing a mental health crisis. Being a part of the CIT/CIP community stretches further than just attending a training. It is a pledge to learn how to grow as an individual, providing dedication to those in crisis, responding with care and consideration, and assuring that our community and loved ones are treated better and fairly.

Those who chose to be part of this community are taking the initiative to be the champions of mental health within their field and profession. You are all a group of truly dedicated individuals. Thank you for keeping our communities safe and being the voice of advocacy for mental illness. 

In an effort to keep the CIT/CIP community in Wisconsin strong and connected, there will be a quarterly newsletter sent out highlighting CIT/CIP, focusing on what is happening in the state, updates, information on local NAMIs, highlights of CIP in the DOC and other organizations, as well as officer /community spotlights.

If you have suggestions for topics or articles, please contact:
Stacey Mohr, CIT/CIP Program Director of NAMI Wisconsin. Ph: (608)-268-6000
Email: stacey@namiwsicisnin.org. 

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State Expansion: New Trainings Increasing CIT Officer Numbers

State Expansion: New Trainings Increasing CIT Officer Numbers

Partnerships in Ozaukee County, Monroe County, and the Green Bay Police Department are happy to announce that they have recently completed their first ever Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training. With the help of the CIT/CIP Expansion grant, they were able to collectively train over 100 officers, reaching across 30 departments total between the three counties. 

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Madison Police Chief Announces Mental Health Liaison Officers

Madison's police chief, Mike Koval, introduced a new initiative aimed at helping people with mental health issues. The Madison Police Department has created a new team of 'mental health officers' to respond to incidents involving people with mental illness. Five mental health liaison officers have been appointed and will not only respond to calls for crisis intervention, but will also work closely with mental health service agencies to try to prevent a crisis before it happens.

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Sergeant John Rhode Honored

Sgt John Rohde, from the Kenosha Police Department plays a significant role in bringing and fostering Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training to Kenosha. Upon completing CIT in 2009, Sgt Rohde has championed CIT within the Kenosha Police Dept. and Kenosha county.  John is a charter member of the CIT/CIP coordinating committee and has been instrumental in evaluation and program improvement. 

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