CIT/CIP Wisconsin Highlights: Looking Back on 2015- a Year of Expansion

Currently, there are 10 CIT facilitation team locations in Wisconsin. These are teams who annually host CIT and CIP trainings and are made up of NAMI affiliates, CIT trained officers, and mental health professionals. Our amazing Wisconsin CIT/CIP facilitation team locations include (by county or region): Brown, Dane, Fox Valley, Eau Claire, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Monore, Ozaukee, Racine, and Waukesha. To be included in this list is Jeff Garbleman, who is the CIP Coordinator from the Department of Corrections, who travels to various correctional facilities in the state, hosting CIP trainings for corrections staff.


Since January 2015, these facilitation teams have hosted 23 CIT trainings and 14 CIP trainings, reaching more than 900 officers, first-responders, correctional staff, and other professions. Currently, NAMI Wisconsin is working with NAMI Northern Lakes to establish themselves as a CIT facilitation team and location. There is also invested interest from Chippewa Co, Portage and Wood Co, Marathon Co, and Rock and Walworth Co. Keep up the great work everyone!

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The NAMI Wisconsin CIT/IP Expansion Grant

The NAMI Wisconsin CIT/CIP expansion grant has helped aid training costs for the CIT/CIP Facilitation teams, provide funds to establish new CIT/CIP training locations, create a website serving as the Wisconsin CIT/CIP platform, and implement state wide resources and data collection.

The collection and tracking of data for CIT/CIP in Wisconsin is crucial to the ongoing expansion. It collectively helps the CIT/CIP initiative by informing our state and officials that their investment is working and will increase their investment in future years once the grant term is over. We need measurable, quantitative data to show that CIT/CIP trainings are increasing knowledge within law enforcement, corrections, and our community services and agencies. 

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What data is being collected and where does it go?

Attendee rosters: This information is to track geographically, what counties and departments have CIT trained officers and CIP trained correctional staff & agency employees. The officer and employee’s names are NOT given out or shared. Their email address is used for the quarterly CIT/CIP Wisconsin Newsletter and in an effort to bring the CIT/CIP community together within the state. It will also be used for 6 & 12 month follow up to all CIT/CIP participants, gauging their experience and how beneficial and valuable the training was.

Speaker/presenter rosters: After a CIT/CIP training, the speakers and presenters are contacted, asking if they are willing to participate in further trainings. If so, speakers from various agencies are entered into a database to be contacted to present at future trainings. This list is organized regionally and helps with the planning of a CIT/CIP training. This database is only available through request of the NAMI Wisconsin CIT/CIP Program Director and to the CIT/CIP facilitation teams.

Pre/Post evaluations: With the collaboration of Tom Luzinski (NAMI Ozaukee, retired law enforcement, and Professor of Criminology), John Wallschlaeger (Gold Stripe Consulting LLC) and the CIT/CIP Facilitation teams, a pre/post evaluation was created. This evaluation measures individual knowledge gain from pre to post and then is used to evaluate the training collectively. Typically as a whole, we look for a 20% knowledge increase per training, from pre/post.  These evaluations are only given to CIT training attendees.

We are working towards bigger, long term goals with these evaluations; measuring police interaction statistics within the region, county, and communities who have CIT trained officers. This data is tracked internally, then reported to DHS and the state legislators who invested in the CIT/CIP expansion grant.  The information collectively benefits the expansion of Wisconsin’s CIT/CIP trainings. 

*If you are interested in learning more about bringing CIT/CIP to your county, please contact Stacey Mohr, CIT/CIP Program Director of NAMI Wisconsin.
Ph: (608)-268-6000 

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