CIT/CIP Wisconsin's First Newsletter Announcement

Hello to all the CIT/CIP community members and partners of Wisconsin! Being a part of the CIT/CIP community is a unique and admirable partnership. Those within law enforcement, various mental health professions, corrections, NAMI, and a multitude of other professions and organizations, have made the choice to dedicate their lives and career to the service of others within their community, county, and state. You are leaders within your department, organization, and community.

 Being a Crisis Intervention Team member and/or Crisis Intervention Partner is taking the step to go beyond your call of duty and profession, doing what is right for those experiencing a mental health crisis. Being a part of the CIT/CIP community stretches further than just attending a training. It is a pledge to learn how to grow as an individual, providing dedication to those in crisis, responding with care and consideration, and assuring that our community and loved ones are treated better and fairly.

Those who chose to be part of this community are taking the initiative to be the champions of mental health within their field and profession. You are all a group of truly dedicated individuals. Thank you for keeping our communities safe and being the voice of advocacy for mental illness. 

In an effort to keep the CIT/CIP community in Wisconsin strong and connected, there will be a quarterly newsletter sent out highlighting CIT/CIP, focusing on what is happening in the state, updates, information on local NAMIs, highlights of CIP in the DOC and other organizations, as well as officer /community spotlights.

If you have suggestions for topics or articles, please contact:
Stacey Mohr, CIT/CIP Program Director of NAMI Wisconsin. Ph: (608)-268-6000

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