Community & Officer Spotlight: Ozaukee and Dane County

Ozaukee County: NAMI Ozaukee has had a very successful year making huge strides in the world of CIT. Since launching themselves as a CIT location/hub in April of 2015, Mary and Tom Luzinski of NAMI Ozaukee have remained dedicated to the CIT philosophy and their community. NAMI Ozaukee, in the conjunction with various Ozaukee County police departments and Ozaukee County Social Services, were able to host 3 CIT trainings this year, reaching 90 officers, spanning over 41 different police departments in Wisconsin.

They have 3 more CIT trainings scheduled for 2016, taking a massive role in the state’s CIT/CIP expansion. Keep up the amazing work Mary and Tom! We are so happy to have you part of the WI CIT Facilitator’s team.

Dane County:  Law enforcement, NAMI affiliates & members, as well as mental health care providers have made huge headway with the expansion of CIT/CIP within Dane County.

NAMI Dane County’s Program Coordinator, Ava Martinez, has partnered up with Michael Newton, Captain of the UW Police Department. Since then, they have hosted 2 CIP trainings, one for the Attic Correctional Service’s staff and another for the UW Police Department, in conjunction with other UW and local professions. There next step is to host a CIT training in February of 2016.

Capt. Newton and Ava took on a different approach to CIT by hosting a 2 day CIP training for the UW Police Department. The CIP acted as an introductory course for officers interested in becoming CIT trained. By doing so, they were then able to find those specific officers that the training impacted who seek further education on mental health and crisis, making them the ideal participant for a CIT training and mental health champion. This approach was extremely successful and is a great model to follow, ensuring that the participants are volunteer and the training is aligning with the Memphis Model and best practices. 

The Madison Police Department’s mental health liaisons and WI CIT Facilitator’s Capt. Kristen Roman, Sgt. Jen Kane, and Eugene Woehrle, in conjunction with NAMI Dane’s Sue Petkovsek, have made a lasting impression on the officers they have trained this year. Concluding their second CIT training for the year in December 2015, MPD’s mental health liaison team has excelled in the execution and participation of the de-escalation and role play scenario day. Using various rooms within the MPD training center, real life scenarios, a multitude of sets and props, as well as a mental health liaison officer and CIT officer at every station, their role play scenario day continues to be a huge success and a vital educational tool. Their previous CIT trained officers from 22 different departments, reaching areas of southeastern and central Wisconsin. They are committed and devoted to furthering CIT/CIP trainings in the state and they make a phenomenal team.  

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office has also recently partnered up with NAMI Dane County and the National Institute of Corrections. They plan to host a CIT training in March, 2016.

We look forward in seeing what the new year of 2016 will bring to Wisconsin for CIT and CIP!

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