State Expansion: New Trainings Increasing CIT Officer Numbers

Wisconsin, June 2015- Partnerships within Ozaukee County, Monroe County, and the Green Bay Police Department are happy to announce that they have all recently completed their first ever Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training. With the help of the CIT/CIP Expansion grant, they were able to collectively train over 100 officers, reaching across 30 departments total between the three counties.

These are the first of many trainings to come. With the collaboration of their local NAMI affiliate, a mental health provider, and a steering law enforcement officer or department, these counties are establishing themselves as a CIT training hub, building and growing with their community in the process. These counties and departments already have the wheels in motion and are planning to have a fall CIT training, as well as quarterly scheduled trainings throughout the next several years.

Establishing oneself as a CIT training hub within the state is a crucial part of the crisis intervention expansion process. Hosting and facilitating a CIT training within a community or county is a growing and evolving process. It takes months of building relationships within the community, meeting with stakeholders and individuals all in support of and interested in bringing CIT to the area. The training is built off these community partnerships, tailoring the training to the county, all while adhering to the Memphis Model, which the philosophy of CIT is based off of.

The expansion of CIT is beneficial because it provides a forum for effective problem solving regarding the interaction between the criminal justice and mental health care system and creates the context for sustainable change. With the help of NAMI WI CIT/CIP expansion grant, these dedicated and passionate individuals are able to train new officers and departments, help to develop new CIT training hubs throughout the state, and offer beneficial resources and education throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Thank you and congratulations to all who participated in this crucial training and perspective transformative experience.