A Word from the DOC: Dr. Jeffery Garbelman, CIP Program Coordinator

"The Wisconsin Department of Corrections Crisis Intervention Program continues to provide monthly, on-site training within the adult correctional prison system. We recently trained another 40 staff in Oshkosh Correctional Institution in March  and are scheduled for the Stanley Correctional Institution in May of 2016.

These trainings focus on security and non-security staff in their efforts to de-escalate inmates in a mental health crisis as well as how to take care of themselves. The department has been taking steps to allow for a local CIP coordinator at each prison to be identified. These persons would receive the week-long CIT training and assist in the annual trainings which occur as well as utilize training days to re-enforce CIP principles. 

To date, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections CIP program has trained over 1,000 prison staff. The program is funded through the Department of Adult Institutions and therefore limited in scope to where it can be implemented. However, administrators have made exceptions in some cases so if there is interest. I am glad to assist persons in seeking this authorization or talking about how this program is orientated in a unique manner to the prison population. Also, we are always looking for volunteers either to speak of their lived experiences, their experiences as a CIT Law Enforcement Officer, or their experiences as a local mental health professional/advocate.

This program is an excellent example of collaboration in an effort to address the unfortunate intersection of our criminal justice system and those with serious mental illness. It continues to be a pleasure and encouraging meeting all the correctional offices and non-uniformed staff working to keep our prisons safe and to work toward reintegration of the incarcerated back into their community."

-Dr. Jeffrey Garbelman
Wisconsin Department of Corrections CIP Program Coordinator